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Auto Accident


CASE: J.R. vs. ABC Company



J.R. was crossing in front of a business entrance when he was struck by a commercial vehicle.  The injury resulted in a catastrophic leg injury and amputation of that leg. We were able to show that the business entrance had a blocked view of traffic due to a cement wall that obstructed the view of the driver.  We were also able to show that the company failed to use due care and fix the danger until after the truck hit J.R.


CASE: K.D. vs. ABC Construction Company



K.D. was driving on State Road 836.  Another driver was confused by construction work being done and brought his car to a stop on the road.  K.D. brought her car to a stop due to this situation.  K.D. was then struck by the ABC Construction Company vehicle.  K.D. suffered catastrophic injuries and was paralyzed due to this crash.


CASE: Brown vs. Wilco



Jury Verdict. Brown was struck by defendant who made a left turn in front of Brown. Defendant denied liability and damages. Brown had shoulder surgery due to accident.


CASE: Roland Poitevien vs Miami-Dade County



Roland Poitevien was driving his vehicle when a fire rescue vehicle failed to yield the right of way and pulled out in front of Mr. Poitevien.  Mr. Poitevien suffered serious back injuries which required epidural injections and a lifetime of pain. The case was presented to a jury over four days.  The jury returned a verdict of $577,356.00.


CASE: M.W. vs. Defendant



M.W. was struck by Defendant who failed to yield right of way. M.W. had a prior back fusion years before this accident. M.W. underwent a replacement of the internal fixation devices from the prior surgery due to the accident.


CASE: S.G. vs. Defendant



S.G. was struck by Defendant who failed to yield right of way. S.G. had back complaints for over a decade. S.G underwent back surgery due to the car accident.



Medical Malpractice Cases


CASE: P.S. vs. Radiology Group



P.S. underwent a mammogram due to concerns of a lump in her breast. The radiologist advised that the mammogram was normal. P.S. returned to his partner who performed a second mammogram and also said it was normal. P.S. was later diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer.


CASE: P.R. vs. Hospital



P.R. had a piece of work material go into his eye. He suffered from double vision. Instead of prescribing drops that would have fixed the problem, P.R. was incorrectly diagnosed with an infection that led to the removal of his eye. After the surgery, the mistake was learned but never told to P.R. by the hospital.


CASE: J.D. vs. Hospital

Over $800,000.00


J.D. underwent surgical procedure. Doctor was careless and his negligence resulted in J.D.’s death. Also, the nursing staff of the Hospital failed to care for J.D. properly and failed to notify the doctor of changes. These failures contributed to J.D.’s death.


CASE: R.S. vs. Hospital



R.S. went to hospital due to a broken leg. Nursing staff was advised to watch for condition called compartment syndrome. As predicted by the doctor, the patient developed compartment syndrome. Despite the warning from the doctor, the patient’s compartment syndrome went untreated and undiagnosed by the nursing staff. R.S. underwent major surgery on her leg due to her delay in care.


CASE: John Doe vs. Hospital

Over $370,000.00


CM was injured in car accident. After being airlifted to hospital he sat for several hours waiting for appropriate medical care. Due to the delay in care, CM died in the hospital within five hours of his arrival by helicopter.


CASE: Jane Doe vs. Physician

Over $295,000.00


Jane Doe was hospitalized. During hospitalization, Jane Doe began to suffer from compartment syndrome. Physician examined Jane Doe and failed to follow up and failed to recognize symptoms. Also, proof obtained that Doctor altered the records after the examination. Jane Doe had leg amputated below her knee.



Workman’s Compensation


CASE: R.P. vs. Construction Company



In this workmen’s compensation claim, R.P. was injured in in a fall from a roof while working, sustaining significant brain injury. Claim was settled after lengthy negotiations, with provisions for future care.


CASE: D.A. vs. Police Department



Claimant suffered from heart disease attributable to his work as a police officer. The Employer/Carrier denied that Claimant was permanently and totally disabled as a result of his heart disease. Claim was successfully settled prior to trial after extensive litigation.





CASE: A.G. vs. Golf Club



A.G. was volunteering at a local charity event. The event was taking place at a golf course and a deep fryer had been set up by the golf course employees to cook the food. Five hours after the event started, the fryer that A.G. was working with tipped over and spilled boiling hot grease on his legs causing 2nd and 3rd degrees burns. A skin graft was necessary. The golf course initially blamed A.G. After litigating the case, a settlement was reached.


CASE: T.B. vs. Flea Market



Jury Verdict. T.B. was walking through a flea market. She tripped over a metal stake that was left sticking out of the ground. T.B. had knee surgery and wrist surgery. T.B. had a prior car accident so Defendant claimed injury was due to prior accident.

J.R. vs. ABC Company

Auto Accident

R.P. vs. Construction Company

Workers' Compensation

P.S. vs. Radiology Group

Medical Malpractice

Brown vs. Wilco

Auto Accident

P.R. vs. Hospital

Medical Malpractice

$4 Million

$2.9 Million

$1.5 Million

$1.17 Million

$1.25 Million

Verdicts & Settlements


Over the years, our team has successfully secured significant verdicts and settlements for our clients including million and multi-million dollar cases.


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